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Letter of Reference for Dr. May Wang

To whom it may concern,

I am Dr. Peter Y. Li, M. D. and practice as a board certified Anesthesiologist in the Los Angeles area, California. Dr. May Wang was one of my classmates at the Chongqing University of Medical Sciences in Chongqing, China. I am very happy to write this letter for her.

During our four year school, May studied very hard not only with Western medicine but also Chinese medicine. She showed her great interests in both Western and Chinese medicine and demonstrated her profound understanding of the principles and mechanisms of them. Besides her talent in the classroom, her interesting included sports, reading and music. She played for our school's basketball team for 4 years and made significant contribution to its achievement. She was an excellent student in our class and always kept in the top 5 of our class in both Western and Chinese medicine during our whole school years.

May had practiced both of Western and Chinese medicine after her graduation from the medical school in china. With her experience of treating her patients with both of Western and Chinese medicine more than ten years, she has successfully made many patients recovered from their diseases and returned back to their jobs.

After she relocates in Canada, she is not only practicing Chinese Medicine but also teaching it at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver. She has brought her skills and experience with her to her new location. She focuses on Chinese medicine right now but her experience with the western medicine would definitely double her ability to treat her patients in Canada. May always likes to be challenged and it motivates her achieve one success after another. She has been keeping herself with updated information and new technology in the field of her practice by reading the journals and books and by attending national and international seminars.

I am very happy to know her patients have been accumulated rapidly. There is no doubt that she would be an excellent doctor with many new achievements. I know that since she is not only a doctor with a high quality of training and countless hands-on experience but also a doctor who cares for her patients from her heart.

I sincerely wish she lived in LA area so my family and I could benefit from her care when we need to. But I have to admit that I consult with her quite frequently by phone and we did not missed the opportunity to ask her for her advice when she came LA in past two years. Her valuable advices have helped my family and me very much.

I am sure she will continue to make more and more success with her great effort and enthusiasm of practicing medicine and taking good care of her patients.

Sincerely yours,

Peter Y. Li, M.D.
Los Angeles, California


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